Guess I Should Tell You About My New Laptop

Guess I should tell you about my new laptop.

No, it is not an Apple.

No, it does not run the Microsoft operating system.

It’s projected battery life on a full full charge is around 8 hours long.

No, I do not have to worry about virus attacks.

So, “what in the Sam Hill is this crazy computer?”, you might ask.

It is an Acer Chromebook — very fast with loading programs, web pages; and lightning fast running streaming video.

There are a few drawbacks — which I am learning to “work around”

  1. It won’t run my family tree program (yet).
  2. It won’t work directly with my Canon printer at the house.
  3. It does not have an internal (traditional-style) hard drive.
  4. Some of the keys are in awkward spots for the “two-finger typist”.
  5. No light-weight photo editing program (app), for the Chrome OS that I am familiar with.

Rating for the bonus aspects I give it an 8 on a 10 scale.

Maybe bumping that up a notch, since I was able to use it on an unexpected evening spent at the hospital with my Mom. It was instantly able to log-in on the public wifi, and I kept in touch with everyone who I could, via the internet and email(s).

So, was this just a post to “hawk” the Chromebook?

No. It also allowed me top try out a recently purchased Dell USB keyboard. Which by the way is an excellent keyboard — I bought it the thrift store for under $5.00.

Now I won’t have to shuffle my only good USB keyboard from one laptop computer to the other.

I will be post a more in-depth page or two on this site soon. As I mentioned above, I have not had a ‘typical day’ for a while. Mom is better, and that good news enough, for now.

Hope your springtime is not too “allergy producing”; and though your folks are well. Stop by again soon.  — Cathy Ann Abernathy