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ID: I568109315

Name: George SILVER JR.

Given Name: George

Surname: Silver Jr.

Sex: M

Birth: Bef 28 Oct 1753 in Montgomery co, Pennsylvania

Death: 11 Jul 1839 in Mitchell, North Carolina

Burial: Silver Family Cemetery, Kona, MItchell, North Carolina


REFN: 3027

George served in George Washington’s Army during the Revolutionary war.

He enlisted in his father’s place at the age of 18 and served 4 years

until the wars’ end. Awarded land grant of 640 acres in Tow River, North

Carolina in 1806 for his service in the war.

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Family Tree Progess

Okay, let’s do a quick wrap-up here…[updated and corrected]

The PARK family has descendency ties to Robert E. Lee and his wife [Mary Ann Randolph Custis].

Her ancestor was George Washington‘s wife Martha Dandridge CUSTIS (maiden name DANDRIDGE). Martha’s first husband was 20 years her senior — he was Daniel PARKE CUSTIS (son of John CUSTIS, and grandson of  John Parke); her father was John Dandridge — her mother was Agnes Wilder.

*** Robert E. Lee was also a distant cousin to his wife. [added: 28Dec2010)


PARK/PARKE/PARKS descendants are connected to the Burchfields — the Burchfields via the Park line (somewhere) are kin to the Gustafsson/Justice family originally from Sweden; and how did I get here (this time)?

Tracing the Davis-Smathers connection of Aunt Betty Davis (married – Jack Abernathy) — trying to learn about her father’s family.


The other point of interest is Aunt Betty Davis Abernathy‘s ancestral ties to a Cherokee Chief Oowahooskie (various spellings found).

His ‘wife’ had been captured from a white settlement/group when she was about six years old. They had three sons; she and the sons were later released — they lived as white men, and were land-holders. This made for Cherokee heritage claims with US courts unsuccessful — but the Indian connection seems valid from research/sources found online, now.


There is also a connection between the PARK family and a CHANDLER line in Georgia…will follow this up later.


Another connection exist between the DAVIS line and the CARPENTER (ZIMMERMAN) families from North Carolina — this warrants further research, since my mother and my father’s ancestral line include connection to the CARPENTER (ZIMMERMAN) lines from the Carolinas.


NO direct Patey/PATE/PATTY connections — but have found AYERS/AYRES, PAYNE, and McClellan connections in the Carolina regions (where my husband’s family were from)…

The PAYNE connection may link up with the TEAGUE, SPEER, PERRY, OWEN or other related families who later migrated to NE Alabama (near Ft. Payne).


With the research from the past three days — “We are all kin” has more meaning then is previously did, for me.

Each friend I have helped with their family tree research, I have also found something that fit with prior research for my own complicated ancestral lines.

Are your ancestors included in this tangle of kinfolks?

Contact me with a bit of your grandparents vital statics (dates, location, family members) — I will see what I can find.

— Cathy Ann Abernathy

RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: Susan’s Ancestors – as of 10/15/08

# ID: I10236
# Name: Gi-Yo-Sti-Ko-Yo-He 1 [of the Cherokee]
# Sex: F
# Birth: ABT 1736 in Cherokee Nation, North Carolina
# Event: Cherokee – Bird Clan Tribe
# Death: BET 1770 AND 1780

Father: Atagulkalu b: 1695 in Sevier, Tennessee, USA
Mother: Nionne Ollie b: 1710

Marriage 1 John WATTS b: ABT 1725 in Bowling Green, Caroline, Virginia, USA


1. + Barsheba WATTS b: 1746 in Edgecombe, North Carolina, USA
2. + John Watts Jr. b: 1750 in Cherokee Territory, Chicamauga Area, Little Tennessee River
3. – Malachi Watts b: 1751
4. – Nancy Watts b: 1752
5. – White-Man-Killer Bird Clan Watts b: 1754
6. – Garrett Zachariah Watts b: 08 JAN 1756 in Bowling Green, Caroline, Virginia, USA
7. – Henry Watts b: 1760
8. – Benjamin Watts b: 1763
9. – Elizabeth Watts b: 1770
10. – Thomas Watts b: ABT 1763 in Bedford, Virginia, USA

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– = No Children
+ = Has Children

Following up on Faulkner-Gulledge family leads in Alabama, Georgia, Tennesse, and North Carolina


RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: Meadows-Medders of Alabama

Meadows-Medders of Alabama

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Ongoing research on my Meadows/Medders Ancestor

Descendant Register, Generation No. 1

1. William Henry PICKARD (Nicholas PICKARD13, Bartholomew PICKARD – Pickert12, Bartholomew (1st) PICKARD11, Robert PICKARD10, John PICKARD9, Robert PICKARD8, John PICKARD7, Allene – Allen PICKARD6, John PICKARD5, John (of Askwith PEKARD) PICKARD4, Henry [1415] PICKARD3, Noel PICKARD2, John James PICKARD1) was born 1725 in Chatam, NC, and died 1790 in , Chatam, North Carolina, U. S. A.. He married Elizabeth Smothers (Pickard). She was born 1732, and died 1812.

Children of William Henry PICKARD and Elizabeth Smothers (Pickard) are:

+ 2 i. (John) Henry – [1753] Pickard was born BET 1740 AND 1750 in Chatam Co., NC, and died 1840.

+ 3 ii. William M. [1755] PICKARD was born ABT 1755 in Orange County, NC, and died 1826 in Chatam Co., NC.

4 iii. Thomas [1759] PICKARD was born MAY 1759 in Hancock, GA. He married Nancy Honey. She was born 1762.

5 iv. Mary [1760] PICKARD was born 1760 in Hancock, Georgia, and died 1810. She married Robert Clark BEF 16 JUL 1790. He was born 1755, and died 1810.

6 v. Christian PICKARD was born ABT 1761 in <, Hancock, Georgia, U. S. A.>. She married James Watly.

+ 7 vi. Sarah [1763] PICKARD was born 1763 in <, Hancock, Georgia, U. S. A.>, and died 1810.

8 vii. Elizabeth [1768] PICKARD was born ABT 1763. She married Benjamin Philemon Lacy – Lacey, son of Philemon Lacy – Lacey and Anne Durham. He was born 1752 in Kent County, VA.

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First Generation in a report of my Pickard ancestors.

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RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: Geer Family Working File

Geer Family Working File

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# ID: I190758

# Name: Francis CLINKSCALES

# Surname: Clinkscales

# Given Name: Francis

# Sex: M

# Birth: 1738 in Charles Co., MD

# Death: Oct 1837 in Honea Path, Anderson Co., SC 1

# Burial: Clinkscales Family Cemetery, Anderson Co., SC

# _UID: 2A9DFB1940F5974382A744A7EADBB3188ECD

# Note:

Last Will and Testament of Francis Clinkscales

Pack 140, Probate Judge Office, Anderson Co., SC

from: A Collection of Upper South Carolina Genealogical and Family Records, Vol. II, by Willie Pauline Young, 1981.

I Francis Clinkscales Senr. of Anderson Dist. being of sound and disposing mind and memory, but weak in body, etc. First I desire that all my real and personal property be sold after my decease. Out of the money arising there from, all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid, the over money to be divided between my nine children viz; Whereas I have given to my children in my life time the sum annexed to their name. To my dtr. Katharine Campbell decd . $180.00. To my dtr. Priscilla Clement $125.00. To my dtr. Jane B. Orr $105.00. To my son William F. Clinkscales $268.00. To my son John Clinkscales $265.00. To my son Levi Clinkscales $265.00. To my son Francis B. Clinkscales $268.00. To my dtr. Elizabeth Kay $130.00. To my dtr. Polly Kay decd. $75.00. Each child is to have an equal amount with my sons William and Francis before the estate is divided. Then all to share alike, the decd. dtrs. heirs are to get their mother share. Son William to be guardian of the chn. of Katharine Campbell chn . Son Francis to be gdn. of Polly Kay chn. I appoint my son William and Francis Clinkscales as executors. Dated 18 Nov. 1831. Wit: S. D. Kay, Daniel Mattison, Aaron Davis. Signed: Francis Clinkscales Senr.


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Father: Adam CLINCKSCALES , Jr. b: ABT 1720 in Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland

Mother: Ann BUCHER

Marriage 1 Mary FRANKLIN b: 1750 in Charles Co., MD

* Married: 1770 in Charles Co., MD

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The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley

The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley


Compiled by Clifford M. Young & Published by

The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, NY 1947

Donated by Bruce Hargrove.



Careful study of the limited records available concerning this branch of the YOUNG (JUNG) families indicates that Hans Christian Young was born in 1728 and came to this country from Germany at least a generation previous to the Revolutionary War-probably 1740 or 1750. The Dutch Reformed Church records. Fort Plain, N. Y., state that he died March 2, 1813, aged 86 years and left eight children, 66 grand children and 45 great-grandchildren.

The early settlers of the Palatine German stock, who came to this country in the great Palatine emigration of 1710, first located at East and West Camps on the Hudson River, and most of that group who migrated to Schoharie and finally to the Mohawk Valley, did not reach the Valley until about 1722 and subsequent years. It appears that Hans Christian Young doubtless came directly to the Mohawk Valley or via Philadelphia in later years and settled on a farm or lot in Livingston Patent in Freysbush, Montgomery county-then Albany county. As this lot is described as two miles east of the lot in Lansing Patent later known as the Norman Young farm in Brookmaus Corners, it is believed to have been the Dingman farm -on the Fort Plain-Cherry Valley trail or later highway, which farm is located just south of the present Freysbush Lutheran Church. As this section was forest and inhabited largely by Red Men, if at all, it is not surprising that Hans Christian Young had many thrilling experiences previous to and during the Revolution, as the records indicate. What these experiences were, however, is not stated.

It is regretted that the name of the wife of Hans Christian Young cannot be stated here with certainty, but it is believed that she was Anna Maria Muller (Miller). His will on file in Fonda, dated May 26, 1807, indicates that his living children were Godfrey, John Christian, John, Christina, Anna Elisabeth and Thomas.

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Descendants of Bartholomew Pickard and Eechje Classez – Genealogy

———-3. William Pickard (1728-1804)

———-+ m. Elizabeth Windemoed/Wintermute (1738-1797)

—————4. James Pickard (?-1804)

—————+ m. Hannah

—————4. John Pickard

—————+ m. Elizabeth Drake

——————–5. James Algernon Pickard

——————–5. Bejamin Pickard

——————–+ m. Rachel Haines

————————-6. Elizabeth Pickard (1871-?)

————————-+ m. Richard Lilleywhite

————————-6. Susan Pickard (1881-?)

————————-+ m. Henry Lilleywhite

————————-6. George Pickard (1885-?)

————————-+ m. Mary Helps

————————-6. Diana Pickard (1863-?)

————————-6. Margaret Pickard (1883-?)

————————-+ m. John LaLonde

——————————7. Gladys LaLonde

——————————+ m. Charles Vought

————————-6. Rhoda Pickard (1887-?)

————————-+ m. Frank Jackett

————————-6. Richard Pickard

————————-6. Sidney Pikcard (1895-?)

————————-+ m. Sarah Stolton McClellan

————————-6. Rachel Pickard (1893-?)

————————-+ m. George Hallett

—————4. Benjamin Pickard (1770-?)

—————4. Mary Pickard

—————4. Margaret Pickard

—————4. Rebecca Pickard (1769-?)

—————+ m. Frederick Markle

—————4. Elizabeth Pickard (1774-1797)

—————+ m. John Rowe (?-1797)

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