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Senior Charles Riggin (b. 1704, d. 1773) Charles Riggin (son of Teague Riggin and Mary London) was born 1704 in Somersetshire, Coventry Parish, Maryland, and died 1773 in Somersetshire, Coventry Parish, Maryland.He married Amie Amory Townsend on 1729 in Somersetshire, Coventry Parish, Maryland, daughter of James Townsend and Elizabeth Donoho.

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Geni – Temperance Hobby (1838-d.)

Temperance Hobby is your first cousin 7 times removed’s wife’s grandfather’s wife’s great niece’s husband’s second great niece.

You [CAA] →
Gerald Lee Abernathy your father →
Lee Abernathy his father →
Benjamin Franklin Abernethy his father →
William Pinkney (Willie P.) Abernethy his father →
Benjamin Logan (Logan Benjamin) Abernethy his father →
Turner T. Abernethy his father →
Robert Abernathy his father →
David Abernathy, Sr. his father →
Robert A. Abernathy, IV his brother →
Charles Abernathy his son →
Barbara Abernathy his wife →
Ambrose Cobb, Sr. her father →
Robert Cobb his father →
Elizabeth Cobb his wife →
James Allen her brother →
Mary Lee his daughter →
Ann Lee her daughter →
Reuben Hobby her husband →
William Hobby his brother →
Marmaduke Jesse Hobby his son →
Jessie Hobby his son →
Temperance Hobby his daughter

Source: Geni – Temperance Hobby (1838-d.)