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UPDATE – 06 July 2015

Yes, I do have quite a few bits of “cyber turf” online. The topics of interest vary from weaving, to history, and from genealogy to Native American cultural/heritage; plus MUCH, MUCH more.

Recent additions (new domain names/BLOGS) include but are not limited to:

1) http://www.calcisalabama.tk

2) https://weavercat.wordpress.com

3) http://calcisalabama.wordpress.com

4) http://catawbafamilies.wordpress.com

5) http://teaguefamilyalabama.wordpress.com

PLUS these are some I want to feature — they include connections to MY ancestors:

1) http://speerusa.wordpress.com

2) http://spruiellsusa.wordpress.com

3) http://toerivervalleync.wordpress.com

AND last but not to be left out, OUR “creations” BLOGS:

1) http://knotworks.wordpress.com

2) http://stringstowear.wordpress.com

3) http://inklecreations.wordpress.com

4) http://catcrafted.wordpress.com

====== =====
====== =====

I know I have written this ‘about me’ theme sometime before now. Yet it does not appear to be on MANY any of my “blog” sites — thus the readers do not have knowledge “about me”.

Here goes, rapid fire:

I grew up in Calcis, Alabama [http://calcisalabama.wordpress.com]

I am a weaver. [http://catcrafted.wordpress.com]

I live in Weaver, Alabama

I write poems/prose. [foldpages.wordpress.com]

I have way to many web sites to keep track of, but I do try [MORE to be feature in the near future!].

Three of my passions are:
1) Weaving
2) Writing (various topic, styles, lengths)
3) Genealogy

Each of these interest have strong pull on my “free time”. Some how on the surface they seem separate topics – when I get involved in one, the others seem to draw me in to further research, or furthering a woven piece (by hand or on a loom).

I am a daydreamer, a “south paw”, a “tow head”, — have been known as a misfit, tomboy, hillbilly and “Cat”.

When I can think of more detail, I will update this ‘blurb’. But for now, it seems my thoughts are severely distract by a sinus problems. :-(

Thank you, for visiting!

– Cathy


  1. Dean Dagen-Daw

    I noticed you had a submission/blog post from 2009 with a reply from a Steve Travis that would be willing to look up anyone’s Creek Ancestry. I know that I do have the ancestry/geneology, and my daughter is also the daughter of a tribal member with the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, her last name being Rolin. I have had my ancestry traced and there is a geneology connection to the Creek Indians, someone even told me there was a connection to the Cherokee. Do you know how I might begin the search of the ancestry for proof? From what I’ve been told, it was all on my paternal grandmother’s side of the family, being Williams.

    • Hopefully one our/my readers can help you out with answering your question.
      If no one replies, I’ll do my best to find out where can might find help.
      — CAA

  2. Joy Barefoot

    this is the culmination of a forty year search.

    I came upon your extensive site while searching information on my 3rd gr. grandfather, Joseph Angle, who came to Cherokee County, Al. between 1850+1860.

    He was son of Thomas Angle and Susannah Morris, neither of whom I have been able to find after 1850 when they appeared in the Muscogee Co. Georgia with Joseph.

    1850 Muscogee Co. Georgia November Census
    #27 Thomas, 89 (Father of Joseph, 37 below)
    ” Susannah,69 (Mother of Joseph)
    #28 Joseph, 37
    ” Malinda, 33
    ” Reuben, 16
    ” Joseph, 13 (this would be Joseph Young Angle, my 2nd gr. grandfather)
    Cherokee County, Alabama1860 (July)census with:

    Joseph Y(oung) Angle-23
    William-2 mos
    Joseph Angle-45 (this one!)
    Susan-3 mos

    If you have any information on Joseph, I would be greatly appreciative of that information. Thanks. Joy

  3. Joy Barefoot


    The second census listing is from 1860 Cherokee County Alabama of July. Joy

  4. Nelda (Waldrup) Griffey

    I am trying to find birth information for Hood Barnes and Maudy (Amanda) Barnes, 1800’s, Cherokee County Alabama. Mother and father of Eva Barnes who married Joseph Boone.

  5. Nelda (Waldrup) Griffey

    I am trying to find birth information for Hood Barnes and Maudy (Amanda) Barnes, Cherokee County, Alabama. Mother and father of Eva Barnes who married Joseph Boone.

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