Never Forget

“Never Forget!”

Rode past an elementary school this morning; US flag at half-mast…for about 3 seconds I wondered why.

Today is the 11th of September, it is hard to fatham that it has been 18 years since that horrible morning.

For younger people, that represents their lifetime (or more) — for me, it seems too “fresh” a memory to be from that many years ago.

How will I hold this day is reverance for the many lost souls for that day? Sitting quietly, at the keyboard — listening to the wall of wind-up clocks tick (tick, tick). I try to make some sense of what if anything remains of the unity that that attack brought to this country.

On a more personal note: that was also the year (within several weeks) that my maternal grandmother died. So, the grief was compounded, and my emotions shut down for a while, from the overload.

“9/11” — So many, gave so much to save the ones trapped in that horrible attack; some eventually lost their lives due to the hazards the walked through to get the(se) survivors. Families of these first-responders have sought “a little repsect” and some financial help to care for the responders’ health/medical issues. Some progress has been made…maybe.

As for bringing the “culprits” of this horrible attack to justice?

I have my doubts the ring-leaders ever got what they should have. Too much has been swept away by time, “spin control”, and desires to keep the armed conflict going — in the name of justice.

18 years — Have we found justice for this attack?
Unity was the strongest response to this terror attack; unity in standing up to an un-seen ‘terrrorist group’ — saying “we will not be intimidated!”

How do you view the anniversary of the foreign-backed attack, on US soil?

I will keep the day as one of quiet reflection, as long as I am able — at some point I am sure the silent vigil will be broken; by a beep, ding, or telephone ring…until then I will sit quietly, and remember.

— C A Abernathy

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