RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: Epperson and Sanders Family Tree [Excerpt/Note/Leads — LINK] Cherokee in Alabama

ID: I0541
Name: John Buck Blankenship
Sex: M
Birth: 1793 in Green County, Georgia
Birth: 1793
Death: 8 OCT 1857 in Coosa County, Alabama
Born in 1793 in VA? (per White Book) he served with the Tennessee Volunteers during the Creek Civil War. Moved to Shelby County, AL after his marriage .
Returned to Cherokee Nation in 1835 to settle the estate of his father-in-law. When he returned to Alabama he brought 3 of his wife’s sisters with his family and settled in the new land of Coosa County, AL

He assisted other Cherokee mixed families in relocating to the area.

Anna, Morning, and Jane Thompson were his wife’s sisters.

John was instrumental in the relocation of certain Cherokee people who wished to escape the forced removal of the government. He was married to Millie Thompson, a full blooded Cherokee and the daughter of Capt. John Thompson, a Cherokee officer.

Upon learning that all Indians and those married to Indians were to be removed to the Oklahoma territory, he conspired with Chief Whitepath to help those who wanted to escape this process.

They were headed for the Creek lands that were now vacant due to the Creek War. (The Cherokee people were the instrument used by the U. S. Government to remove the Creek from their lands)

In conjunction with Henry Blankenship, Chief Whitepath, and a minister called preacher Foscue, John orchestrated the move of the Cherokee fleeing the removal. Once in the State of Alabama, preacher Foscue would marry the Indians and the Whites and Henry Blankenship, a county commissioner would arrange for them to get clear title to land.

Source: “The White Family Record” – Thomas (Ridge) White Oct, 25, 1995

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Source: RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: Epperson and Sanders Family Tree