Geni – Gustavus Waters (1848-1912)- Battle

[Gustavus Waters is your fourth great uncle’s fifth cousin four times removed’s husband’s third great aunt’s husband’s son.]


You   → Martha Anne Justice Anne Abernathy your mother → Kate Justice her mother → Louis Milton CLINKSCALES her father → William Berry Clinkscales his father → William Franklin Clinkscales his father → Francis Clinkscales his father → Elizabeth Ann Kay his daughter → Rev. James KAY her husband → James Kay, Sr. his father → Priscilla Elizabeth Kay his mother → Elizabeth Strother her mother → William Berry her father → Henry Berry, of Occupacia Creek his father → William Berry, Sr. his brother → Joseph Berry his son → Deliverance Pomeroy his daughter → Jane Wyman her daughter → Francis WYMAN her son → Hannah Lowell his daughter → Tallman Bradbury Lowell her son → Charles Orrington Lowell his son → Samuel Gibson Lowell his son → Shirley Keene Down his daughter → James Stanley Down her husband → James his father → Mary Ann Elizabeth Down his mother → Matilda Stanley her mother → Thomas Button her father → Phillee Waters his sister → Thomas Waters her husband → Gustavus Waters his son

Source: Geni – Gustavus Waters (1848-1912)- Battle


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