RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: ABERNETHY Extended Fanily Tree – June 2015

89. Alice Valerie Spruiell (William Robert “Bob” Spruiell7, John Simpson Spruiell6, Catherine Bigby5, Archibald – George Archibald Bigby4, Archibald Bigby3, George Bigbee2, William Bigby1) was born 13 MAY 1872 in New London, Alabama, and died 24 DEC 1941 in Calcis, Shelby County, Alabama. She was buried 1941 in Macedonia North Baptist Cemetary, Vincent, Shelby County Alabama. She married Louis (Lewis) Milton Clinkscales 18 DEC 1890 in McIntosh Bluff, Conecuh County, Alabama, son of William Berry – “Berry” Clinkscales and Catherine Elizabeth Cox. He was born 9 MAR 1860 in Benton (now Calhoun) County, Alabama, and died 12 JAN 1940 in Shelby County, Alabama. He was buried in Macedonia North Baptist Cemetery, Vincent, AL.

Children of Alice Valerie Spruiell and Louis (Lewis) Milton Clinkscales are:

195 i. James Edward Clinkscales was born 1891 in Alabama, and died 1891 in Alabama.

196 ii. Juda Tessie (Jessie) Clinkscales was born 15 OCT 1892, and died 21 SEP 1912.

+ 197 iii. Reuben Frank Cobb Clinkscales was born 13 MAY 1894 in Birmingham, AL, and died 24 JUN 1972.

+ 198 iv. Robert Berry Clinkscales was born 1896 in Shelby Co., AL, and died 1977 in Holiday, FL.

+ 199 v. John Wilkes “Johnny” Clinkscales was born 1 MAR 1898 in Shelby Co., AL, and died 1986 in Talladega Co., AL.

+ 200 vi. Grady Lovell Clinkscales was born 1 MAY 1900 in St. Clair, AL, and died APR 1973 in Alabama.

+ 201 vii. Lige Turner Clinkscales was born 1902 in Shelby Co., AL, and died 1973 in Pell City, AL.

+ 202 viii. Lewis Embry Clinkscales was born 5 MAR 1904 in Shelby Co., Alabama, and died 11 FEB 1997 in Calcis, Shelby, AL.

+ 203 ix. Hester Kate Clinkscales was born 3 OCT 1905 in Vincent, Shelby (St. Clair) County, Alabama, and died 29 SEP 2001 in (At home) Calcis, Shelby Co., AL.

+ 204 x. Lola Eugenia Clinkscales was born 24 NOV 1907 in Shelby Co., AL, and died in Hollins, AL.

205 xi. Clarence Milton – Minton Clinkscales was born 1909 in Vincent, Shelby County, Alabama, and died 24 FEB 1995 in Georgia. He married Lena McGaugh.

+ 206 xii. Thomas Newton Clinkscales was born 8 MAR 1912 in St. Clair, Alabama, and died 27 OCT 1983 in Florien, Louisiana.

+ 207 xiii. William Milton “Noot” Clinkscales was born 22 OCT 1913 in Shelby County, Alabama, and died 1996 in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama.

+ 208 xiv. Alice Mildred Clinkscales.

via RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: ABERNETHY Extended Fanily Tree – June 2015.


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