Genealogy Tidbit

Just to see if there might be a kinship connection — I found information on “Chuck” Norris’s ancestors…Guess what?
Via his father’s line he is 7th cousin to my brother, Byron, and me.
Our common ancestors are John Norris and Mary Winifred Patrick.
I will add more details at a later date.
T’was doing other things when I saw a ‘lead’ mentioned in a random email message.
Just FYI.
Isn’t genealogy detective work worth the effort, at times?
— Cathy


3 thoughts on “Genealogy Tidbit

  1. We are trying to find someone that does Genealogy and we have found so much on our family history that goes back to the 1700’s. We are needing more information and we were wondering if you could help us or new of some that could.

    I Thank You in advance for your Help

  2. I am looking for “Weavercat” I hope I have the right person. I noticed a query regarding the Silver, Honeycutt Families and also mention were Fergusons from Yancey Co. NC. I am looking for information on the Fergusons from Yancey Co. and hope you can help.

    • Your message has reached ‘weavercat” — how could I be of help?
      My Ferguson ancestors were from western North Carolina; if I have anything in my family tree notes/research that might help, I will gladly share.
      So where do we start? Are the Ferguson close kin of yours?
      I await your next post…if you prefer to contact via email (privately) — here’s my email address:

      — Cathy Ann Abernathy (weavercat)

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