24 November 2010 – Pre Thanksgiving Blurb

It’s a cloudy, overcast Wednesday. Feels a lot like Friday — since The Little Curiosity Shoppe will close several days for Thanksgiving. Travel to Calcis, cutting firewood, cleaning around the house; buying groceries, and many other things hopefully will caught-up on before Sunday is over.
The traffic in the store today has mainly been for food items; but L.C.S. sold several smaller household items, and several books.
I have been doing better today, than any day thus far taking the allergy medicine once a day — started Alavert this weekend; it seems to be helping, just very gradual/subtle degrees over each day.
[Break — cracker jar needs cleaning]
— ABOUT 718pm —
Jar mostly cleaned on the outside — will work on the grooves when we get back from the long weekend.
For now, am home — food is about ready, and I hear a Woodchuck Hard Cider calling to me. MMMM-m–m, and maybe a movie later. Now have two boxes of VHS tapes that need to be checked out, and played before I price them for the Shoppe.
Our cat, Shelly and her youngest 4-some were not at dinner/feeding this evening. All I can say is I hope they are staying at the barn, and hunting. If they get hungry enough, they’ll show back up at regular feeding time(s).


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