Phone/Texting Ban in Jacksonville, AL

Texting Ban in Jacksonville|ABC 33/40 News

Jacksonville, AL – The first ban on texting and driving could be passed in East Alabama. A discussion began months ago in Jacksonville but on Monday night the City Council plans to bring the issue to a final vote.

It was a real-life close call on the road that inspired Jacksonville City Council member Derek Raulerson to tackle texting and driving.

He explains, “I looked up while operating my phone. I looked up, saw the green light and the next thing I knew was i was in the parking lot in wal-mart.”
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No one was hurt, but it opened his eyes.

Raulerson adds, “Right at that moment I realized this is a concern.”

He fought for the ban on texting while operating any motor vehicle.

Mayor Johnny Smith exaplains, “We’ve done a lot of looking at other cities, at what they have and that sort of thing.”

The proposed ordinance is a primary offense, which means Jacksonville drivers can be issued a citation for no other reason than for texting behind the wheel. With that citation comes a fine.”


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