Theophilus Patey, cooper – S. C.

Proprietary Records of South … – Google Books

Proprietary Records of South Carolina: Abstracts of the Records of the …
By Susan Baldwin Bates, Harriott Cheves Leland

Lot 2 [ East Bay Street Between Tradd and Water Streets]
In 1678 Theophilus Patey, cooper, received warrants for three twon lots at Oyster Point. Sometime thereafter he took up lot numbers 2,3 and 27. In 1681 Patey received the grant to lot 2. Close to the same time Captain John Boone, Gent. received a special warrant for lot, which “said lott was formerly taken up by Mr. theophilus Patey and by him forfeited for not building thereon within the time limited.” Boone also received a certificate of survey and grant for lot 2 in 1681. A 1688 deed to james Beamer or the northern half of the lot refers to John Boone’s grant. By 1694 Captain Risbey was given in a butt and bound as the owner of the southern half of lot 2. In 1694 and 1695 Mr. William Nowell was named in butts and bounds as owner of the northern half. A different version of the lot history is recited in a leter deed, stating that Edward Patey, son of Theophilus Patey, assigned to John Boone half of the lot in 1688 and Boone sold the half lot in 1694 to Captain James Risbey, merchant of Jamaica. A deed of 1724 placed John Huchinson, practioner in physic, on the southern part of the lot, then containing a large brick house and two tenements and bounding on Captain  mathew Porter (formerly Capt. George Smith), landgrave Thomas Smith and Joseph Boone. Huchinson placed the northern portion of lot 2 including the tenement occpied by Paul Jenys in trust for his children.(…)


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