Uganda Fear Over Gay Death Penalty Plans

BBC News – Uganda fear over gay death penalty plans

An attempt to punish “aggravated homosexuality” in Uganda with the death penalty has caused outrage across the world – and revealed a huge divide in Ugandan society.

“Even my friends who are not gay are now scared because they think if this bill is passed, they’ll be targeted,” says Julian Pepe, an openly gay Ugandan who campaigns for homosexual rights.

“I feel scared. I feel I am in danger. I’ve tried to put a few security measures in place and I am constantly watching over my shoulder.”

One of the few openly gay Ugandans, Julian Pepe, speaks out about her life

Gay people in Uganda can already be jailed for 14 years for engaging in homosexual acts. The new bill wants to raise that to life imprisonment, even though no-one has ever been convicted of homosexual acts in Uganda.

Ms Pepe say the Anti-Homosexuality Bill is out of touch and believes Ugandans should not waste their time even debating it.


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