Spear/Speir/Speer families in Georgia

Abraham Spears

The First Spear/Speer/Speir families in Georgia

So who was the first Spear/Speer/Speir to travel and settle in Georgia? Although there is no definite proof, it was probably Abraham Spear (or Spears)and Jesse Spears.

The British rewarded loyal and hard working settlers in early Georgia by granting land to these colonists. Records of these grants are documented in British Conveyance Books and some are shown below.

Some Spear/Speir/Spears families remained loyal, or at least sympathetic to the King during the Revolutionary War like Virginia Tobacco Lord Alexander J. Speir.

Others like Indian Affairs Superintendent and Indian Trader Jesse Spears defied the Tories and risked their lives in the bloody fight against the British and the struggle for American independence.

The Abraham Spears outlined below is quite possibly the same Abraham Spears found in Edgefield County, S.C. during the same time period noted. No mention is made in the British Conveyance Book about any land granted to Abraham.

Special notations in parenthesis indicate cross-referenced names found in the book “Spear, Speir, Speer & Friends.”


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