Plickard Siler, from Germany

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Subject: Re: [SILER] Siler – Pugh
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 09:50:28 EDT

Being a Siler from Whitley County KY. I would suggest you get the Siler Book
Written by Theodore E Siler.
Roots and Shoots written in 1982.I have attached two pages from the book.

“The village of Siler (so lately sprung upon us) with its mills, cotton
gins, machine shops, stores and tobacco warehouses, is certainly an infant city.
And far down in the ages that are coming, when all Silers may have
immigrated or “evoluted,” somebody will want to know the origin of the name of the
city. The name ‘Siler’ originally signified a rope maker, or perhaps a dealer
in, or worker with ropes.
In the year 1741, a boat left its moorings high up in Germany on the
classic banks of the Rhine, laden with emigrants bound for America. At Rotterdam,
they took a seagoing vessel and were landed on American shores. One of the
party of emigrants was a small, dark skinned youth of twenty-two years, bearing
the name of Plikard Dederic Siler (born in Germany, May 29, 1719). Another
was a sprightly, fair haired, blue-eyed girl of fourteen summers, whose name
was Elizabeth Hartsoe (born in Germany, September 29, 1727).
The two became attached to each other during their long voyage; a few years
after which Plikard, under a law of the times, paid in leaf tobacco for the
privilege of marrying Elizabeth, and they settled down as man and wife in
After a while, they heard that sweet potatoes could be grown in North
Carolina, and that they were a delicious eatable, so they concluded to go down to
that goodly land. On the way, (and in Virginia) they struck the potato belt—
bought some
and boiled them with meat over their camp fire. They didn’t like them, but
bravely moved on, found the spot that suited them among the hills of Lacy’s
Creek, four miles north-west of where the village of Siler now stands, and near
where Mr. Samuel Siler lived until his death, which occured September 29,
1900, aged 90 years.
Here they lived and raised a large family (six sons, whose names were
Philip, Weimar, John, Frederick, Jacob and Plikard, Jr., and four daugh­ters),
and here they died—Plikard, December 15, 1784 – Elizabeth, January 16, 1816,—
and though now quietly sleeping in the old, old churchyard at Rocky River
church (about four miles north of Siler City), Plikard and Elizabeth are very
largely and very respectably represented not only in the Counties of Chatham
and Randolph and in our
mountain counties from Buncombe to Cherokee, but in almost every state
North-west, West and South.
“The lands where the little city is going up has been the property of the
Siler family for about one hundred years. The present owner was liberal with
the Railroad Company, and it is to be inferred that the village was named in
appreciation of his generosity and his high social standing.
“Soloman Siler, a grandson of Plikard, amassed the greatest wealth of any
of the family. Between fifty and sixty years ago, he moved to Alabama. Between
twenty and thirty years ago, he died leaving largely of landed estates and
over four hundred slaves. The writer of this claims to be one of the family;
and he is wanting in some few of the most distinguished features of real
destitution such as—he don’t hunt, he don’t fish, he don’t smoke, he don’t have
fifteen children, and he don’t have nine dogs.”
—signed MILO


2 thoughts on “Plickard Siler, from Germany

  1. My Great Grandfather is Dewitt Talmage Siler he was born in Siler City NC in 1833 and I am trying to find out info on my Family. Looking for help. I know that He is a Decendent of Plikard Dederic Siler just do not know how. Please help m!!!!!

  2. My grandfather was from Siler City area and attended Rocky River Friends Meeting House.We are also related to the Siler’s.My other grandfather is from Snow Camp,NC and attended Cane Creek Friends Meeting House.He is the last male living decendent (at 95) that was born in the Allen House at Alamance Battleground.
    My mom has most of the info on the relation to the Siler’s.My grandfather’s last name was Smith and his mother was Lizzie Whitehead and had alot of property in Siler and sold it to a relative of her’s because she no longer wanted to live their and moved in with my grandfather in Greensboro.
    Always wanted to know more info on the Siler’s and the town because I never got to know my grandfather or the history of his family from Siler.

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