Computer Problems

I have a ‘disabled’ computer — the larger HD is physically dying; Dave hopes to be able to transfer my data/files to the external hard we have.

First I have to copy/move the data currently on the external hard drive to DVDs — this is taking a bit of doing. 230+ gigs of data, some of the files are duplicate/triplicate — and I am trying to consolidate the many copies as I work to move them to DVD.

Dave was able to get my LinuxOS drive operational, thus I am writing this post.

I need to get back to clearing/deleting old or duplicate data. It will take time; but I have been needing to do it anyway.

Plus it is still raining, and doesn’t seem to be slacking off any.

Aren’t Mondays great?

More when I have anything new or exciting to share.

— Cathy


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