You might be melungeon if…[may be a peat but is worth it.]

You Might Be Melungeon If . . . by Donald Panther Yates

Your grandfather is buried under a tombstone with a Star of David.
Someone in your family married a Portuguese.
You have a knoblike bump at the base of your brain.
You were born with six fingers on each hand.
All your ancestors came from Tennessee or Kentucky.
Your grandmother was called something like Mahala Jane.
There are six women named Alzina Louisa in your family tree.
You have an uncle named Milton or Furby.
You are related to both Pocahontas and Christopher Columbus.
You make deals only with relatives.
You suffer from something the old folks call Indian Fever.
Your ancestors lived on property straddling two or more states or counties and were sometimes counted on the census in one place, sometimes in another place, without moving.
One line in your family claimed simultaneously to be Scots-Irish, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.


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