Peerless Saloon, and Sproull Family in Anniston

I check my email often, and at times have to review older email which I haven’t answered.
Thus I was doing that today — feeling kinda under the weather, so I was propped up on pillows with my laptop, trying to find an address for an unanswered email about the Nolen brothers. A former classmate of theirs was trying to contact them online; he sent me a short message asking if I knew how to find them.

That’s a simple, short note after looking for the Peerless Saloon, of Smithe’s Old Bar, the Nick or Brother’s Bar, right?
That’s what I thought too.

After finding a few good leads on Dan Nolen, I began searching for Dub Nolen – that’s how I ended up on the Peerless Saloon’s website/welcome page. Hadn’t visited it quite a while, and I slowly read through the history given there. Okay, so they added more ‘connections to Anniston history’ details, including this excerpt:

“Much of the saloon’s turn-of-the-century grandeur is visibly evident. Venturing into the Peerless takes customers back to a time when Anniston’s founders, including the Noble, Tyler and Sproull families, dominated the town’s political, economic and social landscapes.(…)”

SPROULL in Calhoun County, Alabama at the turn of the century?

Hhhm-mm-mm, I wonder, could it be they had ancestors from South Carolina, as my Spruiell family members do?

I switched to, and did a quick search — sure enough James Creswell Sproull was born in South Carolina, lived in Calhoun County, died and is buried in the Edgemont Cemetery in Anniston.

Next step, was finding about his family/history — I googled his name, and found several strong leads. Of the three at the top, one gave a description of a Sproull family (member) being involved in the founding of Darlington School.

At that point I moaned/sighed – walked away from the laptop for a glass of soda, and came here to post my finds on my Blog.
So now I know where some of the descendants of the Sproull/Spruill/Spruell family settled after leaving South Carolina.

Guess this goes to show, you never know when or where you’ll find a lead for genealogy research, even if you are doing something seemingly “a world away” from doing intended research.

“Circles within circles…” sums up genealogy sometimes. The current social circles, the past family circles, and history end up tying together in a complicated mosaic.

More as I find out details.

— Cathy


7 thoughts on “Peerless Saloon, and Sproull Family in Anniston

    • My ancestors were the SPRUIELLs from around Abbeville, South Carolina — quite a number of them settled in Shelby, Saint Clair and Jefferson Counties, in Alabama — after the “Trail of Tears” and the local land was opened for (white) settlers.

      You can email me directly, if you need more information about this family. Here is my address:

      We may be kin-of-some-degree; but I won’t be able to tell without a bit more information on your family (line).

      Please give me a brief outline of your great-grandparents, and their close kin (children, siblings, etc.)

      Thank you, for posting. I will update here, if I can find further leads.

      – C A Abernathy

  1. My brother is James Creswell Sproull IV. He will be able to tell you everything. I married Vaughn Stewart II an and we have a son that graduated from NYU Law.

    I will pass your email on to my brother Jim Sproull.

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