Kittens Return

The two youngest kittens returned this morning. They are not quite 3 months old, and fearless — curious about everything that moves, and ready to play with nearly anything.

The past two evenings they had not shown up for fedding time; or course there had been a good bit of rain the past few days – their Mom probably took them on a ‘tour’ of the farm, with them possibly stopping by the neighbor’s barn, and not wanting to get out in the rain, they wated for their Mom to return.

In in any case they showed up on the back stoop, healthy, but hungry. So I fixed a bowl of dry food, mixed with slightly old milk – and they ate until they could eat no more.

There plans for the rest of the mornign seems to be grooming, playing, and a much deserved nap in the sun. I am glad they came back from there first adventure around the farm.

– Cathy Ann Abernathy


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