“Shelly” and 3 little mousers.

I may have mention our cat “Shelly” brought 2 kittens up — that was one day. The next day, a third yellow fluff of fur appeared, also.
Three yellow kittens!
One dark yellow-orange with white stripes.
Another with soft fur, white patches and yellow patches with stripes.
The third? Somewhere in the middle — some yellow/stripes and some white; but with course fur, and a narrow face.
The dark yellow/orange one looks like a mini-bear or lion. Long fur, and a lot of fluff!

I had a ‘thought’ of naming for the 3 Musketeers; but Dave said “don’t even think I would remember those names…”
So, I agreed with him…
They are as yet, the 3 un-named mousers.
Not quite ready for solid foods; but very friendly and will let me notice them — even if their Mom grunts at me when I am petting them. (She is very protective.)
Just wanted to give you a ‘cat’ update.
More later.
– Cathy


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