RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: Susan’s Ancestors – as of 10/15/08

# ID: I10236
# Name: Gi-Yo-Sti-Ko-Yo-He 1 [of the Cherokee]
# Sex: F
# Birth: ABT 1736 in Cherokee Nation, North Carolina
# Event: Cherokee – Bird Clan Tribe
# Death: BET 1770 AND 1780

Father: Atagulkalu b: 1695 in Sevier, Tennessee, USA
Mother: Nionne Ollie b: 1710

Marriage 1 John WATTS b: ABT 1725 in Bowling Green, Caroline, Virginia, USA


1. + Barsheba WATTS b: 1746 in Edgecombe, North Carolina, USA
2. + John Watts Jr. b: 1750 in Cherokee Territory, Chicamauga Area, Little Tennessee River
3. – Malachi Watts b: 1751
4. – Nancy Watts b: 1752
5. – White-Man-Killer Bird Clan Watts b: 1754
6. – Garrett Zachariah Watts b: 08 JAN 1756 in Bowling Green, Caroline, Virginia, USA
7. – Henry Watts b: 1760
8. – Benjamin Watts b: 1763
9. – Elizabeth Watts b: 1770
10. – Thomas Watts b: ABT 1763 in Bedford, Virginia, USA

via RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: Susan’s Ancestors – as of 10/15/08.
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– = No Children
+ = Has Children

Following up on Faulkner-Gulledge family leads in Alabama, Georgia, Tennesse, and North Carolina



3 thoughts on “RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: Susan’s Ancestors – as of 10/15/08

  1. Hi, I just found you tonight…well, it’s 4:45 AM and you’re the firt site I clicked up when I just turned on the putor. Since I am not very superstitious but am guided by some invisible Being that often leads me or saves me, I am now wondering if our ancestors were very distantly related somewhere.
    I am looking for the Gulledge or Gullick, Gulley surnames originating from France but changed to English. However I found you and my grandfather that married my French grandmother was Full Cherokee. I have one pic of him. He died when my mom was 9. He or his family hid out in the mtns…to avoid being put on reservations. They took the Christian, English surname of Quinn. HIs name is James Quinn. However i can’t find out anything about any other Cherokee relatives. They are either on Dawes rolls, Govt. rolls or hidden, blended in with the early settlers.

    Do you know of any Cherokees near the Decatur, Tn county area?

    Thanks so much for reading this and for your time. Have a blessed day.


  2. Hi. It looks like I’m the first person to comment here. I’m very interested in this line. My connection appears to be through Barsheba Watts who m. William Gulledge. William is mentioned in brother Malachi’s will. Other than that, I have very little information. Is there any solid evidence available that points to John Watts as the father of Barsheba Watts? If there is, I would love to see that.



  3. I’d like to know more about Gi Yo Sti Ko Yo He. Everything I found shows she is of the Bird clan, but records show her Mother was of the Paint Clan and her Father the Wolf Clan. Which by Cherokee tradition would make her a member of the Paint Clan like her Mother.

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