Day One – Using (Felicia) Linux

Just a very quick note – due to the possibility of problems with a “WORM” due to activate on April 1, 2009, Dave and I agreed that this computer should not be active with the MS-XP OS today (Wednesday).

It is late…I just finished watching a Hulu-hosted movie a few minutes ago…The browser deos not stall out like it does in XP — Although I do miss my “add-ons”, in time I can add them to this Linux version of Firefox.

Don not know if this OS has WINE function built-in or not.

The main program I can’t use on Linux / Haven’t been able to use, has been my family tree program.

That is one program I can do without, at least until we know more about how the “WORM” will hit infected MS computers.

In any case, my data and computer files are safe from ANY virus/worm/ad-ware for now; and until I happened to log-on with MS-XP…

Will keep you posted. For now, any and all genealogy research will have to been handled via my blogs — so if you do not hear from me about queries you sent — please be patient. Security from this “WORM” is critical. Migrating any data for family tree stuff will have to wait.

Thank you, for reading.

— Cathy


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