RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: Trees, Leaves and Nuts – John Pierson Eden – buried in Weaver, Alabama?

+John Pierson EDEN was born 27 AUG 1849 in Coosa, Alabama, and died 23 AUG 1921 in Weaver, Calhoun, Alabama.

NOTE One: He was the son of Reverend, James G. Eden (1801-1857) and Harriet Long-Chapman (Gibson?) (~1805-~1869)]

James G. and Harriet EDEN are the direct ancestors of C. A. Abernathy.

Source: RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: Trees, Leaves and Nuts

Geni – Bradley Barlow Wilson (1806-1874)- Ogden

Bradley Barlow Wilson is your 8th cousin 6 times removed.

You   → Gerald Lee Abernathy your father → Lee Abernathy his father → Luota Grant (Leota Mary Anne) Ferguson his mother → Robert Nathan Ferguson her father → Robert Marion Ferguson his father → Andrew Fitzpatrick Ferguson his father → Robert “Robin L.” Ferguson his father → William Ferguson his father → Colonel Robert ‘John’ Ferguson, I his father → Alexander Ferguson of Craigdarroch his father → LTC John Ferguson, 13th Laird of Craigdarroch his father → Robert W. Ferguson of Craigdarroch his father → William Robert Ferguson of Craigdarroch his father → Lady Jean Katherine Cunningham his mother → James Cunningham, 7th Earl of Glencairn her brother → Lady Margaret Cuningham his daughter → Colonel John Maxwell her son → James Maxwell his son → Dorcas Stratton his daughter → Mary Adams Smith her daughter → Sarah Smith her daughter → Bradley Barlowe Wilson Sr her son → Bradley Barlow Wilson his son

Source: Geni – Bradley Barlow Wilson (1806-1874)- Ogden

Geni – Benjamin Borden (c.1744-1841)

Benjamin Borden is your third great aunt’s first cousin twice removed’s husband.You   → Martha Anne Justice your mother → Kate Justice her mother → Louis Milton Clinkscales her father → William Berry Clinkscales his father → Asa Franklin “Francis” Clinkscales his brother → Nancy Kay his wife → Robert Kay her father → James Kay, Sr. his father → Priscilla Elizabeth Kay his mother → Elizabeth Berry Strother/Wheeler her mother → Thomas Wheeler her son → Lucy Wheeler Borden his daughter → Benjamin Borden her husband

Source: Geni – Benjamin Borden (c.1744-1841)